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Tula, Sovetskaya St., 47
HOTEL +7 (4872) 250-600+7 (4872) 307-050
RESTAURANT +7 (4872) 307-913

Restaurant Menu

Cold platter

“Deli meats assure”

Baked ham, roast beef, basturma, home
cooking veal tongue.
180/30 gr 530i

“Boiled tongue”

with horseradish
75/40gr 250i

“Caucasus dainties”

set of traditional Armenian home dainties: ochro, Ch. caucasicum
200gr 190i

“Cheese plate”

Elite cheeses assure: Suluguni, Vats, Cecilia, Cheddar, Feta with grapes, honey
150/120gr 300i


Home dainties: cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic, ramson, chili peppers and red cabbage
320gr 200i

“Echmiadzin Eggplant”

Fried eggplant thin slices stuffed with walnuts, garlic and herbs...
150/30gr 290i

“Herbs plate”

Basil, parsley, dill, cilantro, green onion.
110gr 315i

“Herring with boiled potato”

Herring fillet with pickled onion.
100/150/10gr 130i

“Imertinsky Lobio”

Appetizer of red beans, with walnuts, garlic and pomegranate seeds
250gr 140i


Fermented milk drink made from  fresh home milk,according to ancient Armenian recipes
200gr 50i

“Meet plate”

Basturma, sujuk with green herbs and pomegranate
150/20gr 350i

“Oak barrel mushrooms”

Pickled mushrooms assure
200/20gr 260i
100gr 170i

“Salmon carpaccio”

Salmon fillet with Grana Podano, arugula and pesto sauce
80/50gr 420i

“Salmon caviar”

Served on ice with butter, lemon and olive
50/20gr 450i

“Salo with meat layer”

Special salting with home horseradish.
100/30gr 130i

“Vegetable plate”

Fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, radish
300gr 220i

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