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Tula, Sovetskaya St., 47
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  • Victory Square

    Victory Square

    25 minutes

    On the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Victory, and at all times in the history of Tula the memory of the legendary heroes of the Great Patriotic War

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  • The Monument to a Tula gingerbread

    The Monument to a Tula gingerbread

    1 minute

    Those for whom our new hotel opened its doors are always happy to see the sights of the local gunsmiths.

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  • Tula Kremlin

    Tula Kremlin

    4 minutes

    Tula Kremlin is a fortress in Tula / Russia. The History of the Tula' Kremlin on which windows of the hotel looks, has about five centuries.

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  • Museum of samovars

    Museum of samovars

    3 minute

    Staying in Armenia hotel, it is necessary to explore all attractions. Russian identity is unthinkable without the samovar! It knew those who in 1990 take a part in opening the legendary

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  • Museum Weapons

    Museum Weapons

    19 minutes

    Both men and woman, choosing our hotel as the a of staying, prefer to visit the Tula State Museum Weapons

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  • Central Park

    Central Park

    18 minutes

    The Central Park of Culture and Recreation. In this place our guests have a chance to taste the delicious spicy and fresh air of “Tula's Nature Reserve”.

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  • Yasnaya Polyana

    Yasnaya Polyana

    35 minutes

    In 17 kilometers from Tula there is a place, which existence is known not among those who rent of the hall for an office party in one of the best hotels

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  • «Octave» cluster

    «Octave» cluster

    «Octave» cluster is a space for work, education and creativity. It is located in the territory of a legendary active «Octave» factory.

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  • Uspensky Cathedral

    Uspensky Cathedral

    1 minute

    Orthodox cathedral in Tula is really beautiful inside and outside. Till 1917 it was monastery cathedral.

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  • Exotarium


    18 minutes

    It is a world famous special zoo of reptiles and amphibians. It is open for quests till 1987 and invites everybody to the exhibitions, festivals, excursions and so on.

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  • Iskra


    7 minutes

    Iskra is a new city space in the historical space of Tula. There are a lot of events here, everybody will feel comfortable here.

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  • Likёrka Loft

    Likёrka Loft

    21 minute

    The former distillery «Likёrka Loft» turned to a unique art-cluster in 2007. Today this place is one of the most popular in Tula.

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  • Dancing fountain

    Dancing fountain

    1 minute

    Both children and adults likes dancing fountain, because of famous music and bright illumination in the evening.

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  • the Temple of St. Sergius Radonezhsky

    the Temple of St. Sergius Radonezhsky

    20 minutes

    You can achieve special mental balance, when you look at the unearthly beauty of the Temple, which was built in the nineteenth century in the name of St. Sergius Radonezhsky.</p>

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  • ARSENAL - Central Stadium

    ARSENAL - Central Stadium

    20 minutes

    After receiving the keys to a comfortable accommodation in one of the best hotels in Tula, as well as visiting European cuisine, you can go to places of athletic prowess of Tula. Last year the stadium which once was called "Tula Luzhniki", and then was renamed the "Trud" and after that was named “50th anniversary of the Lenin Komsomol” was celebrated 55 anniversary.

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  • Tula Drama Theater

    Tula Drama Theater

    7 minutes

    When you choose the hotels of Tula, all guests of the ancient Russian city can make sightseeing in this administrative center one of which is the Tula state academic drama theater of M. Gorky

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