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the Temple of St. Sergius Radonezhsky

  • 20 min.walk from Hotel
  • October st., 78
  • Open hours: Monday-Friday – 7:30-19:30, Saturday-Sunday – 7:00-21:00

You can achieve special mental balance, when you look at the unearthly beauty of the Temple, which was built in the nineteenth century in the name of St. Sergius Radonezhsky. Being close to this unique work of Russian architecture our compatriots from other cities and visitors from abroad are immersed in the special atmosphere of the sacred ordinances of the temple, which opened its doors to the first parishioners at the turn of XIX century.

It is known that the church was founded in the pseudo-Byzantine architectural rhetoric and was built completely on Sergiya's funds, who was the Metropolitan of Moscow and Kolomna. Once the one of the first children's shelters of Tula was open in this place which became original monastery of good and beneficence.120 young citizens of the Russian Empire found food and shelter.

At the same time 3 schools functioned at the Temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh. Medical assistance is provided for each alien man. There was painting the artist N. Safronov on the walls of the temple In 1901. It is also decorated today. In Soviet period the church was expected by a hard fate. The parish was closed, the bell tower demolished. However in the summer of 1991 of church service were renewed.

If you stay in Tula in Armenia hotel and you are interested in religion, be sure to visit this place.

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