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Tula, Sovetskaya St., 47
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Tula Kremlin

  • 4 min.walk from Hotel
  • Mendeleev str., 8
  • Open hours: Daily based from 10,00 a.m till 06,00 p.m

Tula Kremlin is a fortress in Tula / Russia. The History of the Tula' Kremlin on which windows of the hotel looks, has about five centuries. Monument of the 16th century. Kremlin serves as an outpost for a long time. It was like a main defender of an ancient city from raids. Guests of the city always pay attention to the main nine towers of the Kremlin due to their unforgettable energy. They are: Spasskaya Tower; Tower of Odoevsky Gate; Nikitinskaya Tower; Tower of Ivanosky Gate; Ivanovskaya Tower; Tower Na Pogrebu; Tower of Water Gate; Naugolnaya Tower; Tower of Pyatnitsky Gate.

Once the Kremlin serves as a state within a state. Most population of the city were lived in this invincible bastion as well as people performing their military duty. In total there were lived about 200 people, as evidenced by the Tula'census, conducted in 1625 and 1685. The first street of the greatest city named as the GREAT KREMLIN lay within the Kremlin.

There are 2 Cathedrals inside the Kremlin:

  • Assumption Cathedral (1762-1766);
  • Epiphany Cathedral (1855-1863), was build as a tribute to soldiers killed in 1812.
  • In the middle of 17th century Kremlin completely left its significance.

Staying in ARMENIA hotel, easy to walk to the Kremlin and visit the unique State Museum of Weapons.

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